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In a perfect world minerals and vitamins would come from a donut. The world is not perfect, but at Super Bakery anything is possible!

Welcome to our Super World…

Super Bakery is known as The Leader in Bakery Nutrition™.  We make the most nutritious donuts on the planet with NutriDough®, our Super Secret dough of Minerals, Vitamins and Protein.  It turns empty calories into nutrient fuel.  We call it MVP Nutrition®…The taste you love and theI nutrition you need.  All donuts are not created equal…and now you know why only one can be called Super!


For over a decade, Super Bakery has been proudly serving Shelf Stable ready to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner kits to the brave men and woman serving our country!  Super Bakery takes pride in the fact that our products are 100% MADE IN AMERICA. 

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