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Company History

For over 30 years, Super Bakery has remained faithful to its mission of providing Better for You bakery items for kids and grownups from Kindergarten through their Golden Years.  Founded by former professional football player Franco Harris in 1990 on the principles of QUALITY, INNOVATION, and NUTRITION, Super Bakery's goal is to be Your Bakery for Life®.


Launching the company in 1990 with its flagship products, The Original SUPER DONUT® and SUPER BUN®, a significant market niche was originally established in the K-12 school foodservice segment. Fortified with Minerals, Vitamins and Protein, these two unique items were approved by the USDA at the time as grain/fruit creditable components.


As a result of the value-added nutritional benefits and enthusiastic student reception of the two original products, Super Bakery experienced a dramatic increase in distribution and sales in the 1990's. During that decade the business grew from a regional enterprise into a national entity, serving school districts all across the country.

Over the next 20 years, Super Bakery continued to expand its SUPER offerings, while also creating several additional proprietary brands (ULTRA® GOODY MAN®, SNACK & SMILE®). Dozens of quality new products were formulated, featuring "whole-grain rich" nutritional benefits with clean labels containing NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. During this period of extended growth, the company consistently adapted to the ever-changing K-12 government nutritional guidelines for schools, while expanding its distribution reach into other market segments including: NON-COMMERCIAL, RETAIL, MILITARY, and ON-LINE sales. The primary reason for continued growth today is the trusted BRAND EQUITY of Super Bakery's diverse line of Better for You product offerings. Their reputation for authenticity was grown organically over many years of brand exposure to millions of K-12 students, and it has expanded exponentially. To think it all started with just two items, The "Original" SUPER DONUT and SUPER BUN! In December of 2022, Super Bakery's founder, Franco Harris, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 72. Franco's vision is carried forward by his son, F. Dok Harris, who is firmly grounded in the principles of his father and today leads Super Bakery into a promising future ...

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Our Brands

In 1990 Super Bakery began with two items, The “Original” Super Donut and its “sister” product, Super Bun. Over the years we have expanded our product line with additional proprietary brands, which today feature more than 50 offerings.


What these items all have in common is our unwavering commitment to quality, clean labels, and “Better for You” nutritional outcomes. As Super Bakery continues to grow, you can rely on this brand promise.

Our Sales Team

Super Bakery’s Sales Team is comprised of 5 Sales Directors and a national network of Super Brokers.  It is led by Lydell Mitchell, SVP of Sales and supported by full-service marketing and customer service offices.


Super Bakery also features its online store at

Corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Super Donut®

Super Bakery's Core Values

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Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Nationally certified by the

Eastern Minority Supplier

Development Council

Life Long
Super Donut 

The Treat That Made Free Breakfast Special

The small brown cake doughnut taught me how to find joy within an inequitable food system. 

By Robin Mosley 



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