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Super Bakery Product Catalog

Your Bakery For Life®

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Super Bakery was founded on the principles of
Quality, Innovation and Nutrition.

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Fortified Donuts

Minerals, Vitamins & Protein in a DONUT?

YES, that’s right! Only Super Bakery offers a line of great-tasting donuts fortified with Minerals, Vitamins & Protein.  We call it MVP NUTRITION!® The “secret” is NutriDough.  Super Bakery’s proprietary Bakery Fortifier, which adds function to taste and helps to fuel your day…


Non Fortified Donuts

Super Bakery offers a large variety of “Better for You” whole grain-rich donuts that satisfy the most discriminating of palates.




Super Bun® is back and better than ever! It was one of the two original Super Bakery products, and a fan favorite. Like Super Donut®, it is fortified with NutriDough® and provides meaningful amounts of Vitamins, Minerals & Protein and just tastes super!

We also offer whole grain rich cinnamon buns that combine great taste with 

Better for You Benefits!     



At Super Bakery Quality is non-negotiable.  That’s what makes us Super!

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Super Bakery is proud to be known as The Leader in Bakery Nutrition®,. From your early years to your golden years, it has always been our goal to be Your Bakery for Life®…

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Mini Loafs

Our ULTRA Mini Loafs are the perfect GRAB & GO snack.

Right Size – Variety of Flavors – Individually -Wrapped

One bite of their whole grain goodness will tell you why they are called ULTRA!



Individually wrapped, nutritionally beneficial, Grab ‘n Go items are favorites in the Dining Hall, Cafeteria, Athletic Department and Retail Outlets. Students are much more aware of the benefits of whole grain foods so enjoy our great additional offerings.

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Super Slices

There are reasons our Bread Slices are called SUPER SLICES.

Homemade Taste – Whole Grain Goodness – Lots of Protein

All you have to do is taste one, and we think you will agree!

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