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School Kids Love the Taste;

Foodservice Directors  Love the Nutrition.

Serving the K-12 Community with Integrity since 1990.

In the early 1990’s Super Bakery introduced its signature Super Donut® and Super Bun® to schools in the Midwest and Northeast United States. At the time, both products credited as a grain/fruit component in the school nutrition program because they are functionally-fortified with Minerals, Vitamins and Protein. They were served often as part of a cost-effective, healthy school breakfast and soon became widely available and popular with K-12 students everywhere…


Today Super Bakery serves a national audience in school foodservice with over

fifty high-quality Better for You offerings.

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K - 12 Choices

Foodservice Directors Prefer Super Bakery K - 12 Choices

Super Bakery Continues to Innovate with New Product Offerings

Smart Snack

All of our Smart Snacks meet

National Nutritional Standards

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2 Grain Equivalent


Meaningful Amounts of Nutrition

Super Bakery was founded on the principles of

Quality, Innovation and Nutrition.

Super Bakery ®
Available for Order

2 Grain Equivalent

Serve with confidence, knowing Super Bakery items meet all the regulations for  K-12 schools. 

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