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The Leader In Bakery Nutrition

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In 1990 Super Bakery® was founded on the principles of QUALITY, NUTRITION AND INNOVATION.  These uncompromising values have guided us over the past 30+ years in our quest to create "Better for You" bakery products for your enjoyment and well-being.

Our Brands

In 1990 Super Bakery began with two items, The “Original” Super Donut® and its “sister” product, Super Bun® . Over the years we have expanded our product line with additional proprietary brands, which today feature more than 50 offerings.


What these items all have in common is our unwavering commitment to quality, clean labels, and “Better for You” nutritional outcomes. As Super Bakery continues to grow, you can rely on this brand promise.

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Serving the K-12 Community with Integrity since 1990.

In the early 1990’s Super Bakery introduced its signature Super Donut and Super Bun to schools in the Midwest and Northeast United States. At the time, both products credited as a grain/fruit component in the school nutrition program because they were (and still are) functionally-fortified with Minerals, Vitamins and Protein. They were served often as part of a cost-effective, healthy school breakfast and soon became widely available and popular with K-12 students everywhere…


Today Super Bakery serves a national audience in school foodservice with over fifty high-quality,  Better for You offerings.

Super Bakery's Core Values

Super Donut

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Super Donut is truly ONE-of-a-KIND.  This great-tasting cake donut delivers meaningful amounts of value-added nutrition to everyone's favorite!  Manufactured with NutriDough®, Super Bakery's proprietary bakery fortifier, it's loaded with Minerals, Vitamins and Protein.

And that's why only ONE DONUT can be called a SUPER DONUT!


Non Commercial Segment

Super Bakery's Popularity in
K-12 has lead to growth in other segments.

Over many years Super Bakery established itself as a trusted brand in school foodservice. As a result of that hard-earned brand equity, Super Bakery is pursuing new opportunities for growth in the Non-Commercial, Military, and Retail marketplace segments.

Regardless of where the future may take us, Super Bakery will always remember where it came from and remains firmly committed to “feeding the kids” in K-12 school foodservice.

Super Bakery Continues to Innovate with New Product Offerings

Creative Culinary

Get creative in the kitchen with Super Bakery Products

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Super Buns?

Now Available for Purchase by Visiting Our Online Store

Super Bun is the companion product to The Original Super Donut.  

This light-tasting, yeast-raised cinnamon bun is powered by NutriDough, Super Bakery's proprietary bakery fortifier, which adds functional Minerals, Vitamins and Protein to the delightful taste of Super Bun. 

Simply put... It's Sweet Perfection!


Better For You

Your Bakery for Life
From Early Years to Golden Years

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