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Marketing Materials

Donuts from Super Bakery deliver the great taste you expect in a donut along with essential protein, an element important to all age groups. 

From your kindergarten years to your golden years, 

Super Bakery is Your Bakery for Life®.


Gluten Free Crispy
Marketing Materials

Eating and snacking GLUTEN FREE is an essential part of many a consumer’s diet, and the trend continues to grow in importance, whether it be by dietary restriction or choice. 

SUPER CRISPY from Super Bakery provide two sound options to meet those needs, delivering a super creamy taste with the goodness of 100% organic brown crisp rice and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

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K - 12 
Marketing Materials

Super Bakery has been serving the K-12 channel with integrity for over 30 years, developing trusted partnerships with school districts all across America.

School Kids Love the Taste; School Foodservice Directors Love the Nutrition!

That’s why Super Bakery is known as THE LEADER IN BAKERY NUTRITION®…

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Muffins & Mini Loaf
Marketing Materials

Individually wrapped, nutritionally beneficial, Grab ‘n Go items are favorites in the Dining Hall, Cafeteria, Athletic Department and Retail Outlets. Students are much more aware of the benefits of whole grain foods so enjoy our great additional offerings.

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Marketing Materials


Super Bakery’s long-standing service to the K-12 segment has led to new opportunities in the Non-Commercial channel, following its loyal young consumers into higher education and workplace environments.
We believe that our products fit the bill, and turn Grab n’ Go into Smart n’ Go!



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Marketing Materials

At Super Bakery Quality is non-negotiable.  That’s what makes us Super!

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Marketing Presentations

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Super Donut®
Marketing Materials

Only ONE Donut can be called SUPER! ONLY Super Donuts deliver the taste you love and the value-added nutrition of Minerals, Vitamins & Protein you need. Fortified with NutriDough, Super Bakery’s proprietary Bakery Fortifier, this functional food gives you every reason to treat yourself to a (SUPER) DONUT! 



Super Slices®
Marketing Materials

We bring healthier product choices to the public while promoting a lifestyle that emphasizes wellness – family, work, play, diet, and exercise.

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Super Bun® Marketing Materials

Innovation is what sets us apart!   We constantly strive to create unique, new products that meet your needs…and make you happy.

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